[Tugindia] Riddles again + Proposal for a new command

Amitabh Trehan amitabhtrehan at softhome.net
Mon May 19 07:58:38 CEST 2003

 This was interesting, and seems to make tasks simpler. Using this new
information and the original riddle by LL, I propose the following
command \bottomshape (or whatever) that allows me to shape the paragraph
as in \shapepar except that the shaping stops when a pagebreak appears
and the rest of the para continues as usual. I don't think this would
happen by default, will it? We can have a similiar command \topshape if
a paragraph has to  be shaped for appearance at top of a page, and what
if the same paragraph has to be shaped both ways?
 Then we can have more specific implementations of the general
\bottomshape to \bottomrect{#2} which specify first #1 lines not to be
indented and the rest indented by #2. 


On Fri, 2003-05-16 at 14:39, Radhakrishnan CV wrote:
> Here is another riddle, this time by the grand wizard, Don Knuth.
> Please check at:

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