[Tugindia] Re: Riddle from LinuxLingam

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Mon May 12 10:45:39 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Amitabh" == Amitabh Trehan <amitabhtrehan at softhome.net> writes:

Hope you won't mind posting this to the list, since it might be of
interest to many. Sorry that I couldn't get back to you earlier as I
was wandering around south India.

    Amitabh> dear CVR, Hi. Hope you are in good health. LinuxLingam
    Amitabh> gave me a pdf file in which he has used figures and text
    Amitabh> in a particular way. It is a sort of a test to prove to
    Amitabh> him whether it can be done by LaTeX. I am sending you one
    Amitabh> page which reflects a typical problem of the floats. I've
    Amitabh> tried with the wrapfig package etc (using the LaTeX
    Amitabh> companion). 

wrapfig.sty is not the right candidate, instead shapepar.sty is the
right one. Please see the output I have generated from your sources
and available at:


People interested in the sources may find it in the pdf file itself as
an unused object. For those fortunate souls who use GNU/Linux can
extract sources with pdftosrc command and others can open the pdf file
in a text editor, copy and paste from it.

    Amitabh> but I just can't get the figure on the same page even let
    Amitabh> alone wrapping it. I am sending you the tex file and the
    Amitabh> eps figure also - off the list . Oh, I am not sending the
    Amitabh> eps file because it is 1.4 M is size.  I have converted
    Amitabh> the ps file from pdf usinf pdftops. Wonder why it shows
    Amitabh> the long dashes in the text.

The output generated from your TeX sources is only 48KB which means
people can grab and see how TeX can be used to do fancied formatting
although it is not designed for that purpose. I took around 20 min to
accomplish the job, since I was not that much familiar with
shapepar.sty. I have also added two more shapes for you people to play

Best regards.


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