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Duvvuri Venu Gopal venugopal_duvvuri at rediffmail.com
Sat May 10 06:03:28 CEST 2003

On Fri, 09 May 2003 Amitabh Trehan wrote :
>On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 20:48, Vaibhav Sharma wrote:
> > Hi Amitabh Thanks to the TUG meeting, I am trying to learn 
>TeX. I have downloaded the few tutorials, which you had shown in 
>your presentations on that day. I hope that very soon I will be 
>comfortable with it. By the way Amitabh on that day you had shown 
>a small mannual, which had lots of symbols that can be used in 
>LaTeX. Is this document available on the web? In case yes, do let 
>me know the url. Otherwise tell me how can I obtain that 
>document. Kind regards Vaibhav Sharma
> >
> >

Yesterday only I am going through the TeX documentation on my 
computer. I installed the RH8.0 of PCQuest Linux (Released in 
February 2003). In /txmf/docs you will find many subdirectories. 
See the LaTeX subdirectory and you will find many useful LaTeX 
manuals. In the previous Linux issued by PCQuest (in 2001) these 
documents are missing. If you are using AuCTeX then there is a 
mastersheet available indicating the various symbols and their 

Happy Texing

Venu Gopal

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