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Amitabh Trehan amitabhtrehan at softhome.net
Tue May 6 06:38:22 CEST 2003

Here is some food for thought for the TeX commune! 

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> On Monday 05 May 2003 01:36 pm, you wrote:
> > You certainly will avoid these trips. I recently
> > prepared  my cv in LaTeX and I am quite happy with
> it.
> > It's not as difficult as LL makes it out to be (in
> > another mail_.  [snip]
> clarification: LL does not find TeX difficult
> personally. LL thinks TeX is 
> easy and powerful for document-engineering. LL has
> been actively promoting 
> the idea of using TeX rather than even
> OpenOffice.org for the free-ed 
> project, and LL is confident even school students
> will be able to easily 
> harness the power of TeX for the free-ed project.
> LL realizes TeX is quite difficult for graphic
> design and imagery, where 
> designers think visually, work visually, and want a
> WYSIWYG metaphor, not a 
> WYSIWYM metaphor (what you see is what you mean).
> TeX is almost impossible for pony-tailed,
> cigarette-chain-smoking, 
> on-the-edge creative art directors who want to push
> the outer limits of their 
> imagery and creativity for that eye-popping ad
> spread, that 6 spot color 
> brochure with matte varnish finishes, fascinating
> pointofpurchase danglers, 
> and especially package-design, from that cereal box
> graphics design to that 
> new pizza delivery cardboard box design.
> If some really far-out, maha geek, typography expert
> could code a 'VisualTeX' 
> software based on the TeX engine that does
> ground-breaking pagecomposition 
> and graphic design and illustration, that would
> address the issue LL wishes 
> to raise.
> until then, TeX is for 'document engineering.'
> :-)
> LL
> ps: amitabh, please forward this to the tugindia
> mailing list as well.

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