[Tugindia] Secretaryship

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Fri Mar 28 12:44:26 CET 2003

It is time for me to bid adieu to the secretaryship of the Board of
Indian TeX Users Group. Long tenure of six years as the secretary,
effects of ageing, failing health and all that are potential and
equally important reasons for my wish to get relieved from my role in
TUGIndia affairs.

When I assumed charge six years ago, TeX and friends didn't have an
organized outfit for its promotion here in this country, nor was
anyone that much concerned about its importance in the text processing
universe excepting a few ardent academics in the places of higher
learning in India.

The objectives of TUGIndia during its inception were limited to
propagation of TeX to as many places as possible, write training
material that can be freely downloaded, printed and distributed across
the nation, create a virtual community to promote TeX, activate
technical discussions and provide a means of dependable support system
for those souls who depend on TeX for their text formatting

To this end, I believe, TUGIndia achieved remarkable success. I can
only remember with deep gratitude for the never ending enthusiasm of
each one of you dear subscriber, who joined hands with me without
inhibitions and reservations thereby proving the world that human
beings are capable of creating a technology community where quest for
knowledge, execution of human freedom, willingness to extend support
to a fellow human, ability to play an active role in the techno-social
engineering process in the socity, etc. can be optimally and
efficiently used resisting the temptations of intellectual hoarding
necessitated by the breath taking competions in merciless business and
defying the harshness of paucity of funds that TUGIndia faced at those

It is this nobility of our motives and actions, that attracted the
international TeX Users Group and prompted them to decide in our
favour to hold TUG2002 in India for the first time outside USA or
Europe.  So we made our mark in the TeX world and each one of us can
be proud of that, now it is our job to carry this forward for the
benefit of our progeny.

With that, my role as the Secretary of TUGIndia is over by now, I
believe, I should hand over the torch to the next generation before
senility creeps into my being. That is what I did precisely at the
most opportune point of time.  

I am ever thankful to each one of you for the immense trust you people
have invested upon me, what more a normal mortal like me want in this
world. I would joyously remember the moments of pristine pleasure of
talking to or explaining the function of a TeX macro to each of you
through the list.  Now my role, as a back-seater, would be to share
all the cocktails with you and to enjoy the beauty of this Users Group
growing into the next phase of its organic evolution.

At this point of time, I would welcome aboard Yogananda, the new
Chairman and Satish Babu, the new Secretary and request them to
address this group.

Thank you all once again.

With best regards,


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