[Tugindia] Reconstituted TUGIndia Board

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at tug.org
Fri Mar 28 11:18:17 CET 2003

The TUGIndia Board has been reconstituted and the details are given
below. The reconstitution was necessitated due to the wishes expressed
by Prof Nambooripad and myself to relieve us from our roles as
Chairman and Secretary respectively owing to our long tenure as the
office bearers of TUGIndia in addition to the effects of ageing on
both of us.


* Yogananda, CS Dr, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of
  Science, Bangalore <yoga at math.iisc.ernet.in>


* Satish Babu, InApp Technologies Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum <ab at inapp.com>


* Ajay Shah, Dr, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, New Delhi
      <ajayshah at mayin.org>

* Anil Kumar, K (Treasurer), Linuxense Information Systems Pvt Ltd,
  Trivandrum <anil at linuxense.com>

* Amitabh Trehan, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, (Leads
      TUGIndia regional chapter at Delhi) <amitabhtex at yahoo.com">

* Kaveh Bazargan, Dr, Focal Image (India) Pvt. Ltd., Trivandrum
      <kaveh at focalimage.com>

* Krishnan, E Dr (Tutorial Team member), Reader in Mathematics,
      University College, Trivandrum (Member, Board of Directors of
      Free Software Foundation of India) <ekmath at md5.vsnl.net.in>

* Kumar, KG (Chief Media contact), Freelance Journalist, Trivandrum
      <kg at tug.org.in>
* Nambooripad, KSS Prof (Founder Chairman), Kerala Institute of
      Mathematics, Trivandrum <kssn at md2.vsnl.net.in>

* Prakash, NA, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore,
      <prakash at ias.ernet.in>

* Rajkumar, S, Linuxense Information Systems Private Limited,
      Trivandrum <raj at linuxense.com>

* Rajagopal, CV, Focal Image (India) Pvt. Ltd., Trivandrum
      <cvr3 at focalimage.com>

* Radhakrishnan, CV, River Valley Technologies, Trivandrum
      <cvr at river-valley.org>


* Yogananda is a serious TeX practitioner for several years.

* An academic, aged 42 years, trains and leads the Indian Math
  Olympiad team to international events.

* Spends his spare time for the promotion of math education in schools
  and TeX in academia.

* Visiting faculty of International Center for Theoretical Physics,
  Trieste, Italy; Max-Planck Institute fur Mathematik, Bonn, Germany;
  Mehta Research Instt., Allahabad; Centre Emile Borel, Inst. Henri
  Poincare, Paris, France.

* Editor of 'Samasya', a triannual high shool journal devoted to
  problem solving in mathematics.

* Member of editorial board of 'Resonance', a monthly journal of
  science education published by Indian Academy of Sciences,

* Authored and published 21 research articles and 6 books.

* He is an amateur astronomer and mountaineer.

* He is willing to spend substantive portion of his spare time to work
  for TUGIndia.

Satish Babu:

* Satish Babu is the CTO of InApp Technologies Pvt Ltd., a software
  export company in Technopark, Trivandrum.

* His credentials include the Regional Vice-President (Southern
  Region) of Computer Society of India and a member of the working
  group of Free Software Foundation of India.

* He is also the originator and principal mentor of the Virtural
  Micro-enterprises, a project constituted to promote IT
  entrepreneurship among educated young people in the country, in
  collaboration with TUGIndia, Computer Society of India, Electronic
  Research & Development Center, Technopark and Kerala Govt's IT
* He was the Chair of the organising committee of the international
  TUG meeting of 2002 in Trivandrum and singularly responsible for its
  meticulous execution and huge success.

I believe, both the incumbents seem to be the best persons to hold the
respective positions in TUGIndia Board owing to their long association
with free software movement in the country and elsewhere and the kind
of work they have done hitherto in the techno-social engineering

Best regards.


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