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Dr. A. Ramakalyan, ICE RECT RKALYN at rect.ernet.in
Thu Mar 27 13:30:18 CET 2003

Dear Dr. CVR

I feel bad looking at the fate of noble groups such as TUG.  I shall 
try my best to contribute to the cause.

In addition, I would suggest that we should approach publishing 
companies for sponsorship.  I just want to share my experience with 
you.  For the past 2 years I am writing a text book and I preferred 
using TeX for that.  However, my publisher does not know anything 
about it.  I went on to provide a two-three day training kind of 
thing to two persons from that company and encouraged them to be a 
part of TUG.  They procured TeX Live 6 from you and have been using 
it ever since.  However, at the moment they are unable to transform 
all of their projects into TeX because there are several authors who 
prefer MS WORD kind of things.  So, if we organize a meeting with all 
the publishers and encourage them to use Tex for all of its benefits 
vis-a-vis any other word processor, they would goad the authors to 
use TeX.  After all, no author should find it difficult to type a 
.TEX file without a style file.  

I feel that there should be a swarm of workshops of the kind Dr. 
Kalidoss organized recently.  These can be even a week long 
training camps.  And, the publishers should be willing to come forward 
to sponsor these events.  Please give a little bit of thinking on 
these lines.


On 27 Mar 03 at 11:14, Radhakrishnan CV wrote:

%For the first time in the history of TUGIndia, we approach each one of
%you for generous contribution to meet an impending expenditure
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