[Tugindia] headings in the title page of articles.

Somendra M Bhattacharjee somen at iopb.res.in
Sat Mar 22 16:33:50 CET 2003

On 20 Mar 2003, Josy P. Pullockara wrote:

> I would like to have the "Proceedings name" as the top left header on
> each article's TITLE page. This is usually done for most journals to put

This may be a way to do the job (hacked from an old style file by a
colleague, for a proceedings)

The vertical positions may be altered by changing the \vskip lengths.
Also there is a need to do latex twice (for lastpage)




\hrule width0pt height0pt \vskip -35pt%
\noindent\hbox{{\it My Journal} {\bf #1#2}(#3), 
(\number\year) }\hfill %
\vskip \textheight
\flushright\copyright\space\number\year\space ABCD
\vskip -\textheight
\vskip -20pt }%

%%%%%%%%%%% if you don't want LOGO comment out ``\proclogo" above

\vskip 50pt }%



%%%% this defines the page number for the title page



%%%% This procpage call  MUST come first
%%%% three  fields are vol, series, issue

This is the title  page.


This is the second page.




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