[Tugindia] Italic bold in math mode.

H S Rai hsraidce at iitr.ernet.in
Fri Mar 21 10:33:10 CET 2003

>   Attached  is a  package slantgreek.sty,  which helps  to use  bold
>   italic symbols in math.

Thankyou Renugopal, Ragu and CVR for providing me solution.

>   $\mit{\Gamma\Theta}$  will give  you  normal  italic shapes  while
>   $\mbit{\Gamma\Theta}$ will give you bold italic shapes.
>   Alternatively,  if you  want to  typeset ordinary  math characters
>   with bold italic attribute, here is what you have to do:
>    \DeclareMathAlphabet\mathbit
>     \encodingdefault\rmdefault\bfdefault\itdefault
>    $\mathbit{a+b}$ ==> 'a' and 'b' will be in bold italic.


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