[Tugindia] Page layout - General

Dileep Padinjarae Vengasseri dileep_pv at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 20:46:19 CET 2003

Most of the LaTex tutorials say that the LaTex default
page layout is the best and it is not a good idea to
tamper it since it is optimized for maximum
readability (66 characters per line of the document).

We are trying to make a thesis style file for our
institute (with minimal possible changes from the
standard LaTex report class). We are finding it
difficult to select the best possible page layout.
I hope some experienced type setters can help us in
this regard.

Generally the thesis is typeset in 12pt, in contrast
to 10pt (which is default in LaTex). More over, it is
often prefered to have one half spacing instead of
single spacing. when one make these changes, 
obviously the number of lines per page is going to 
change.  So when such changes are made, is it required
to change the page layout also or does LaTex take care
of these things automatically (so as to retain the
readability of the document)? 

At present, we have kept the setting as 12 pt,
a4paper, one half spacing  with the default page
layout. The number of lines  per page is coming to 33.
It is looking fine. But the thesis will be print in
executive bond paper which is little bit wider than a4
paper. I would like to get some comments regarding
this since we are trying to devolop this as an
official style file for the institute thesis.

With best regards,

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