Josy P. Pullockara josy at ctfd.cmmacs.ernet.in
Thu Mar 20 10:11:52 CET 2003

Dear friends,

I am currently compiling a proceeding with many contributed articles
using the combine.cls in LaTeX - TeX (Web2C 7.3.1) 3.14159 and kpathsea
version 3.3.1 on Mandrake 9.0

I would like to have the "Proceedings name" as the top left header on
each article's TITLE page. This is usually done for most journals to put
the Journal's logo, volume number etc. How do I do it? I use
\pagestyle{myheadings} with the \markboth{article title}{author}.

My experiments with google and fancyhdr did not fetch any results on how
to put a header on the TITLE page. I tried to look into this
implementation of "publname" in amsart.cls but I could not figure out
how it works as I do not have working knowledge in plain TeX.

Can someone let me know how it is done in Journals when they collect
articles from multiple authors?

Thank you.
Josy P. Pullockara

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