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David Kastrup David.Kastrup at t-online.de
Wed Jun 18 10:25:17 CEST 2003

"Manjunatha G." <manju at rri.res.in> writes:

> I found the solution and worked well. No need to bother abt my quiry.
> I used the following:
> \begin{eqnarray}
> S^2 = - \det \left\vert \begin{array}{c}
>                     1 \cdot 1\;\;\;\; 2 \cdot 1\;\;\;\; 3 \cdot 1 \cr
>                     1 \cdot 2\;\;\;\; 2 \cdot 2\;\;\;\; 3 \cdot 2 \cr
>                     1 \cdot 3\;\;\;\; 2 \cdot 3\;\;\;\; 3 \cdot 3
>                     \end{array}\right\vert
> \end{eqnarray}

Awful.  See separate mail for a better proposal.  In short: you are
abusing eqnarray by
a) using it for a single equation
b) filling only the left-hand column of the alignment it provides

You are also abusing array now by
a) making a single column from what should be three columns which
will break mutual alignment as soon as any characters with different
widths would come into play
b) ending lines with \cr instead of \\ as required by LaTeX.

I really recommend that you read any introductory text about math
typesetting with LaTeX.

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