[Tugindia] Matching specification.

H S Rai hsraidce at iitr.ernet.in
Mon Jun 16 22:03:45 CEST 2003

Thank you Amitabh and CVR for reponding.

>    ... also lshort (latex in 90 minutes) and LaTeX companion.

Yes,  got  from `lshort'. From  the  combination  (detail given  below
signature) I  needed (8,10,11,12 and  14pt), with base size  10pt, all
other are avaiable except 11pt. While, with  other two base size of 11
and 12pt all are available.

>    There is no font option for 14pt which you have to do yourself.

Though I need base 10 or 11 and rest will be manuplated through \large
etc. BTW  how I  can have  14pt as  base. I guess  there is  also some
stylefile with with one can have very large size fonts.

>    \usepackage{times} will help you load Times Roman font.

Is `Times Roman' same as `Times New Roman'?

What is the name of default font?


Exact requirement

Font: Times New Roman
14 for the Title (Bold Title case)
12 for the Author's Name/Authors' Names (Bold)
11 for the affiliation
10 for Abstract heading (Bold Title case)
10 for the caption of Figures and Tables
10 for the text and headings:
        Main: Bold Title case
        Subheadings : Italics Title case
        Lower level headings : Italics with first letter cap
8 for the footnote

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