[Tugindia] Sr. No. in `references'

ajith at river-valley.com ajith at river-valley.com
Fri Jun 13 14:29:52 CEST 2003

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, H S Rai wrote:

Put this in the top of your document and see whether this is OK

\newcounter{aj} %%% one counter defined
\setcounter{aj}{0} %%%
  \if\relax\@extra at b@citeb\relax\else
    \@ifundefined{br@#2\@extra at b@citeb}{}{%
     \@namedef{br@#2}{\@nameuse{br@#2\@extra at b@citeb}}}\fi
   \@ifundefined{b@#2\@extra at b@citeb}%
   {\def\NAT at num{}}{\NAT at parse{#2}}%
   \item[\stepcounter{aj}\hfil\hyper at natanchorstart{#2%
   \@extra at b@citeb}\@biblabel{\NAT at num}%%% increasing the counter
    \hyper at natanchorend]%
    \ifnum\theaj<10~~\theaj.~\else\theaj.~\fi%%%% this is to align
                  %%%% the numbers to right and put
                  %%%% the number in the start of new bibitem
    \NAT at ifcmd#1(@)(@)\@nil{#2}}
\setlength{\bibhang}{3em} %%% This defines
                          %%%  the hanging indent

> >   > I used  \bibliographystyle{apalike} with  documentclass `report'
> >   > along with  `natbib' For this,  is it  possible to have  list of
> >   > references serial numbered  If yes, what option/  changes I need
> >   > to made.
> >
> >   Please use the option `numbers' with natbib.sty
> >
> >   \usepackage[numbers]{natbib}
> Your soultion  is fine  in case  I want to  have numbered  citation in
> text, but  I wanted  to have  citaion in text  as `authoryear'  and to
> have serial  numbered list  in section `References'. That is,  to have
> numbering  only in  `Reference' section  and  not in  main text  while
> citing.


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