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Hi all

How to define to get a copyright symbol to be in 7 pt times new
roman(uppercase C).

Copyright symbol in oddfoot. 

Please help me out.


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Today at 10:04am -0000 Dr. M. Kalidoss wrote:

>   \begin{table}[htbp]
>   \parbox[c]{5.4cm}{\caption{Force constant parameters of Sample~1  and
>   Sample~2  in units of 10$^{4}$~dyne cm$^{ - 1}$.}}
>   %\\ %% Remove the % sign at the beginning of this line and see the
>   \begin{tabular}{||c|cc||}

Thankyou Dr. Kalidoss. As such figure comes on right to caption. With
\\ after caption make caption at top of figure.

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