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Dileep Padinjarae Vengasseri dileep_pv at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 25 11:37:38 CEST 2003


> > I am also looking for similar type of
> requrement in chemistry.
> Simplest method to include chemical diagrams (by
> that I mean structural
> diagrams, reaction paths et al.) is use an

Yes, the simplest method is to use a chemical
structure drawing program and export the file to eps
and then include that particular file using
includegraphics. The chemical structures can be made
in any of the previously mentioned linux packages.
Most of them are in there initial stages. If you are a
windows user you can as well use Chemdraw.

It is better to make the structures and keep it as
eps, since once your manuscript is accepted, they
might as well ask you for the figures separately.

I want to make one more point here. From my
experience, I have realized that LaTeX users in
Chemistry suffer a lot since most of the journals does
not provide standard style files. Even if the journal
is accepting the TeX document, the instructions to
authors are often limited for a TeX user. Most of the
time, the paper comes back saying that the document is
not according to their format. Then the user has to
make their own style file and bibliography style file
( I have done this for many journals, by some cutting
and pasting from the article.cls). However since I am
not very sure of the quality of my style files, I am
afraid to put it in the web. If anyone is interested,
and willing we (the TeXian Chemists) together can make
the style files of the journals and can upload in the
web. I am convinced that only way to make TeX popular
among chemists is to provide them the best style

If any one of you is interested you can write to me
off the list at dileep at students.orgchem.iisc.ernet.in.

Thanking you,

With best regards,


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