[Tugindia] Documentation on dvips/packages

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Fri Jul 4 08:51:31 CEST 2003

Herbert Voss <Herbert.Voss at alumni.TU-Berlin.DE> writes:

> David Kastrup schrieb:
> > Herbert Voss <Herbert.Voss at alumni.TU-Berlin.DE> writes:
> > 
> >>vanchinathan at vsnl.net schrieb:
> >>
> >>>I would like to know (i)how to make TeX read eps files to allot
> >>>space in the dvi file for
> >>>an image to be inserted later.
> >>
> >>f.ex.:
> >>\iclucegraphics[bb=0 0 200 100, draft, type=eps]{filename}
> > \includegraphics of course, the draft option replaces the figure by
> > an
> > area of the appropriate size with the filename in the middle, the
> > type=eps should usually not be necessary, you need to have the package
> it is necessary, if the file does not exists at runtime.

In that case, TeX would not be able to allot the appropriate space in
the dvi file, anyhow.

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