[Tugindia] Eps Reduction

S.Ragu tugindia@tug.org
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 17:37:02 +0530


I likes to minimize the EPS file to 90% of their dimentions. Is any options
available in epsf.sty.

Usually, i used to reduce by using \epsfxsize=xyz and \epsfysize=xyz. But i
need to reduced them by percent, i dont want to use any manual calculations.

For example, let my eps dimention is as follows

\centerline{\epsfxsize=158pt\epsffile[22 50 198 247]{ragu.eps}}

I have reduced the above eps file by 90%, but i have involved with some
manual calculations. If you have any suggestions to avoid such manual
calculations, please let me know.


With Warm Regards