[Tugindia] Macro conflicts with endfloat.

H S Rai tugindia@tug.org
Sat Jan 25 11:43:31 CET 2003

Today at 3:53pm +0530 S.Ragu wrote:

>   I have  a doubt  about the  purpose of endfloat;  I belive  -- you
>   likes to keep  all the floats to the end  of your article. If this
>   is your gole, why cant you use the following code in your file

Most  of journals  want manuscript  to be  submitted with  figures and
tables at end and that too one  float on a page. "endfloat" works fine
with lot of options like "markers", "nomarkers" "tablefirst".  It gave
satisfactory results if I don't use my own macro to place floats.

>   \begin{figure}[p]

This may place more than 1 float  on a single page and  mixed order of
tables and figures. Further pages  may not necessarily  at the  end of
document, it may be anywhere, IIRC.


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