[Tugindia] german chars in std letter

David Kastrup tugindia@tug.org
13 Jan 2003 11:02:54 +0100

Sivaram Neelakantan <sivaram.neelakandan@wipro.com> writes:

> Hello,
> In a std letter, one of the address lines is in German, i.e
> "Gro▀HausBerg " .  I'm able to see the char "▀" in the emacs buffer
> but NOT in the generated PDF file. It comes out as "GroHausBerg".  Can
> someone tell me how to get german chars in a std english letter?
> I confess that I tried the package babel with the option german
> thinking that it would solve it all but it didn't.  Another thing, the
> address line was cut and pasted from a MS email mail into the emacs
> buffer so I'm not sure whether this is an input encoding issue too.
> I'm using ntemacs+auctex+cygwinized tex installation.

texdoc inputenc

You'll probably want \usepackage[ansinew]{inputenc}

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