[Tugindia] clarification on edef

Baskaran.K tugindia@tug.org
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 11:54:02 +0530

Dear sir,

I found out solution by the following way

\def\aa#1{\advance\aacount 1\ifnum\aacount=0\edef\kk{ \kk #1}
\else\edef\kk{ \kk, #1}\fi}
if you find any other good method, Kindly help me.

baskaran nk

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Dear sirs,

I need some clarification. Kindly help me.

For example:


\kk===>output is  ``llll,aa,bb,cc,dd,''

I wish to remove the last comma; the out put must be  ``llll,aa,bb,cc,dd''
The input of \aa  repeated several times (not fixed times). We could not
modify the input ``\aa''. How to remove the 
last puncutation , or add new punctuation in last position.

Baskaran NK

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