[Tugindia] CD

H S Rai tugindia@tug.org
Thu, 2 Jan 2003 21:50:44 +0530 (IST)

Yesterday at 6:02pm -0800 raju narayanan wrote:

>   Is TEX CD available Please inform me what I have to do to get it.

If  you have  time  and bandwidth,  you can  get  it downloaded  "free
of  charge" from  ctan.org,  else visit  http://www.tug.org.in/ ,  the
relevant portion of information you require, is reproduced here:

# TEXLive 7 CDROM: Special conference  edition of TeXLive is available
# for distribution  at a cost  of Rs. 500  per CD including  a printed
# copy  of  LaTEX  Tutorials  - A  Primer. The  cost  covers  shipping
# charges.  For further enquiry  mail at: tugindia@tug.org.in, You can
# also contact via snail mail at:
# Indian TEX Users Group
# Floor III, SJP Buildings
# Cottons Hills, Trivandrum 695 014


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