[Tugindia] Tabular environment in Latex

JAYESH KUMAR jayesh at igidr.ac.in
Wed Aug 27 18:45:15 CEST 2003

Dear All,

I am trying to make a table, in which I want the {\linesize} to determine the
width of columns automatically depending on the number of columns in the

For example:

I want to make a table of 5 columns, where paper size is A4. I want the
1st and 3rd column to be of p{3cm} each, and the rest 3columns should be
equally distributed in width size.

So that I don't need to put column width for all the columns and I should
have flexibility to change one if I need to.

I am sure Latex must have some way or the other to do the task. But I am
not able to figure it out. Can someone help me???

Any suggestion would be of help.


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