[Tugindia] Vertical Alignment of Last Page

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Mon Aug 25 19:17:02 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Ashis" == Ashis Kumar Mal <akmal at ece.iitkgp.ernet.in> writes:

    Ashis> Thanks for the tips. I have used pdfLateX, and the problem
    Ashis> is solved.  The problem with pdfLatex is I need to convert
    Ashis> my figures(PSTRICKS/XFIG) to pdf through, 

There are several ways to address this problem:

* xfig can export to pdf or metapost, both acceptable to pdfTeX.

* epstopdf.sty would help you to include eps figures in pdfTeX documents.

    Ashis> dvi-ps-eps-pdf.  (I am still not familiar with pdftricks)

pdftricks is very cool to use. In the preamble, you have to provide
all the pstricks packages that you want to use to process your
pstricks code:

 \usepackage{pstricks, ..., ...}

Then include your pstricks code within the environment namely,
\begin{pdfpic} ... \end{pdfpic}. The current version of pdftricks
supports inline figures too which you need to place within
\begin{pdfinline} ... \end{pdfinline}.

That is all you need to do, run pdfLaTeX, if it has shell-escape
facility everything is done in two passes. If not, you have to run the
pst2pdf shell script provided with the package. Please grab the
current version from http://sarovar.org/projects/pdftricks.  You might
take a look at any one of the pstricks tutorial chapters which are
generated by pdfLaTeX with large numbers of pstricks figures, for a
guidance.  It takes only a few minutes to make the chapters once I
get the content from E Krishnan, who is the principal author of the

    Ashis> I have one more issue related to documents formatted in
    Ashis> twocolumn. I want the both the columns of the last page to
    Ashis> appear eually aligned in length like this.


I still think (there could be a package, I don't know), you need to do
it manually, but here is a macro that would help you greatly:

     \noindent\parfillskip=0pt plus 1fil{}}

By placing \endcolumn at appropriate location, you can easily balance
the columns.  If you dont have single column floats and footnotes
spanning two columns, you might use multicol.sty which would balance
columns by default.



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