[Tugindia] bangtex new release

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Wed Aug 20 05:01:52 CEST 2003

>>>>> "somendra" == somendra bhattacharjee <somen00 at yahoo.com> writes:

    somendra> New release of Bangtex:

    somendra> smb

    somendra> --- Palash Baran Pal<pbpal at theory.saha.ernet.in>wrote:

    somendra>  I have launched new release of bangtex. It can be
    somendra> obtained from the bangtex home page at

    somendra>  http://tnp.saha.ernet.in/~pbpal/bangtex/bangtex.html

Many thanks for the excellent work. I have downloaded the postscript
output.  Although I cant understand Bengali, the page seems to be
excellent and the glyph shapes remarkably refined, kerning and spacing
seem to be very good (I don't know if my judgement is right!).

By the way, why don't you offer type1 fonts? You can generate type1
from metafont sources with textrace. That way, the pdf output from
BangTeX will be excellent. 

Why don't you consider hosting this at sarovar.org which is a portal
specifically for indic computing?  You have the following advantages:

* It has the greatest visibility among all indic related sites. See
  the rate of psTricks tutorial download, more than 5000 downloads
  within 7 weeks!

* Many sites around the world have started providing links to sarovar

* You have mailing list, home page, facilities for bug reports, feature
  requests, tracking, CVS, discussion forum, developer management, etc
  at one place.

* You could get much more developer assistance and participation. For
  instance, people like Alex who has enormous experience in metafont
  and type1 interchange could be of much assistance.

* By hosting BangTeX at sarovar, you join the Indian efforts to
  coordinate indic computing at one place and become part of it.



PS: What's the licence of BangTeX? I don't see any information on this
    in your site.

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