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V E R N   V E R S I O N

With companies such as HP, Microsoft, Red Hat, NIIT, and Reliance putting
serious money into it, the vernacular computing market in India tooks set
to bloom in 2003.


Welcome to the great Indian language computing offensive. ...

Software is an obvious gambit. By 2003-end  Microsoft with launch Hindi
versions of Windows XP and Office 11. Around the same time, if not
earlier, Red Hat will be out with a Hindi-enabled version 9.1 (built
around Linux).

Both are priced offerings, but Red Hat's software can, unlike
Microsoft's, be copied to several machines. ...

The problem is that developer groups working on some Indian languages feel
Unicode does not support some fundamental characters. The government has
now stepped in and is trying to resolve the issue. ...

            It's simply a matter of numbers
            Sify's page views on language portals
            TAMIL     Dec 2000            5,00,000
                      Jan 2003            8,00,000

            TELUGU    Dec 2000            1,80,000
                      Jan 2003            3,50,000

            MALAYALAM Dec 2000            1,00,000
                      Jan 2003            3,00,000

            HINDI     Dec 2000            1,00,000
                      Jan 2003            1,25,000

            IT's FREE
            Free software for language computing -- a WIP list

            o NCST IndiX Project: This will enable Hindi and other
            Indian languages on GNU/Linux systems

            o IndLinux: Support for Hindi on GNOME

            o Swathanthra Malayalam Computing Project: Support
            for Malayalam on GNOME

            o IIT Madras: Support for Tamil on GNU/Linux system.

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