[Tugindia] TUG Meet

Amitabh Trehan amitabhtrehan at softhome.net
Thu Apr 24 14:18:01 CEST 2003

> > - Time: Suggestions please.
> afternoon 2pm sounds good. we can then finish early, and have the sunday 
> evening to ourselves, to commute back, to hang around, etc.
OK. lets keep 2PM. Unfortunately, due to the major exams of the
students, we may not be able to rope in many youngsters!


> yeah, let's do it. would we have a cd-burner there. or, perhaps you can do a 
> cd-requirements headcount, and then we could bring blank cds, and swap them 
> for the burnt ones. or something similar.
> anyways, i do need the CDs, both of TeXLive7, 6, the 3cds, and a couple of 
> books. also need to know if these can be distributed freely to other students.
We do not have a CD-Burner there. I do have one on my personal machine
back home, but I may not have space for all the ISO's. Maybe somebody
around has the best setup - I can try a few CD's (TL6modified is on my
system of course). As far as I understand, these CDs can be freely
distributed (we could even setup a fund by selling them @50, if reqd.

> you probably have enough time to install a dual-boot. or we could work with 
> knoppix, and keep some apps on a local partition. whatever.
 I may not have admin access to the comp, but pdf presentations and
win at TeX would work (though cumbersome).

> nah! what we do is, the money collected at the venue goes towards water, tee, 
> snakes. by the way, what's the legal status of tugindia delhi? what will you 
> do with the money collected? if we have no such formal status, it is better 
> to collect just enough money to cover all incidental costs, costs of giving 
> everyone a cd, a book, etc. etc.

TugIndiaDelhi is not a seperately registered body yet, though TUGIndia
is (under the state). have you read the minutes of the last meet (at
TUGIndia site).

> what sayest thou?
I thus spake!

> am quite excited to see some signs of activity at TUGindia delhi and hope 
> this thing really grows.
> :-)
> LL

same here, excited, not LL.


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