[Tugindia] Re: Enquiry.

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Sat Apr 19 11:26:48 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Indrajit" == indrajit  <indrajit at cal2.vsnl.net.in> writes:

    Indrajit> Dear Mr. C.V. Radhadhakrisnan, Please don't mind as I am
    Indrajit> sending this mail to your personal mail-address. Few
    Indrajit> days back I sent two mails to the TUGLIST but those two
    Indrajit> were not posted in the list. 

'tuglist at tug.org.in' is a non-existent mailing list now. You should
direct your postings to tugindia at tug.org.

    Indrajit> I have the following two queries: 

    Indrajit> (1) When we use \begin{thebibliography}
    Indrajit> \end{thebibliography}, the serial numbers of the
    Indrajit> references appear in boxes, like [1] W.K.Hayman,
    Indrajit> Meromorphic Functions, Oxford (1964) [2] H.X.Yi,
    Indrajit> Meromorphic functions that share two or three values,
    Indrajit> Kodai Math.  J.,13 (1990), pp.363-372.  What should I do
    Indrajit> if I want the serial numbers not to appear in boxes?
    Indrajit> However I want to use the \cite command in the body of
    Indrajit> the text to hook the appropriate reference.

This has already been replied by E Krishnan. Please see the archive


    Indrajit> (2) I use the tex-live5 CD to install the latex
    Indrajit> package. Now I like to use the class file "lms.cls" of
    Indrajit> London Mathematical Society. If I place the file in the
    Indrajit> folder of the tex-file of the document which is being
    Indrajit> typeset then it works fine. Please tell me, if I want to
    Indrajit> install the class file "lms.cls" permanently, where
    Indrajit> should I place the file.  Please help me in this
    Indrajit> regard. 

Please create a directory namely, 'lms' below $TEXMF:/tex/latex.  Copy
your lms.cls and supporting packages to this directory. Run texhash
from the prompt to update TeX's file database. You're done.



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