[Tugindia] LaTeX in schools

Suraj Kumar suraj at symonds.net
Tue Apr 15 11:07:32 CEST 2003

David Kastrup writes:

 > Of course.   Children are quite capable of  consuming and mastering
 > vast  amounts  of  disparate  information.  That's  what  makes  it
 > possible for them to acquire language skills in the first place.

and  that  makes it  true  that  the so-called-user-unfriendliness  is
applicable only to those who  have already used computers (and in some
rare cases to those children who have a start-button at home :) )

 > > A.  Give courses  on such  things in  local schools  and colleges
 > > whenever you can.

We in chennai have a  program named 'demo at schools' where we teach free
software to school and college students. There are little or no number
of  people who  can help  teach TeX.  Interested people  can  join our
mailing list and volunteer to feature  a talk on TeX during one of our


 > Nope.  By  those that still  have contact with the  learning curve,
 > which can also be by teaching or helping.  The kind of things I may
 > still be able to learn about Emacs or TeX are utterly irrelevant to
 > teaching basic skills.

like someone said, everybody keeps learning emacs always... :)

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