[Tugindia] LaTeX in schools

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Tue Apr 8 11:46:10 CEST 2003

>>>>> "LL" == LinuxLingam  <linuxlingam at bhairon.com> writes:

    >> Why don't you write about this for the TUGIndia Journal?
    >> kg

    LL> this is news! there is a TUGIndia journal? where? how do i
    LL> get it?

We had one when we started TUGIndia at the end of 1997, but
discontinued after two issues owing to lack of contributors. The old
issues are available at:


Now, TUGIndia have decided to resurrect the journal due to the fact
that we have several people now in this list who can write articles
for TUGIndia Journal unlike in the formative period. You're also
requested to contribute. There are several departments like

* Commentary: Opinion piece on some TeX-related matter.

* Backslash: Bouquets & Brickbats from Readers, Letters/responses from
* Forum: Discussion bulletin board on TeX issues.

* ReporTeX: Brief reports of TeX events, in two sections -- India &
     the Rest of the World. News snippets.

* Articles: Longer, detailed articles on TeX subjects & experiences.

* Born Again: From the Archives, Old articles from TUG journals around
     the world.

* Gallery: Examples of what has been done with TeX in the Indian context.

* Links: TUGs around the world, Listing of urls.

* TeX Resources: urls, libraries, books, etc.

* TeXnicalia: Tips, Hints & Hacks, TeX/LaTeX problems & solutions.

* Book Reviews

* Calendar/Diary: TUGIndia corner: what's been happening in TUGIndia
	   Forthcoming events in the TeX world.

* Verbatim: A quote from a TeX guru, say, some passage from Knuth's

* Trivlist: Trivia from the world of TeX: e.g. how did the TeX
     cartoons originate? What does Knuth think of emacs? etc.

\begin{smile}: Cartoon of the Issue.

I would request you to write about the font development competition
among school children conducted by school-linux of Delhi Linux Users
Group and its outcome or any topic you might think good.

People are requested to send their contributions to KG Kumar
<kg at tug.org.in>, editor of the journal and chief media contact of
TUGIndia at the earliest so that we can release the first issue of
this year within a month. 

By the way, TUGIndia Journal doesn't have a printed version, instead
we would release PDF's for screen reading and printing. New issues of
TUGIndia Journal would be freely downloadable from TUGIndia site and
would be archived in all the CTAN nodes.


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