[Tugindia] LaTeX in schools

Amitabh Trehan amitabhtrehan at softhome.net
Mon Apr 7 16:57:40 CEST 2003

> one we we could make a sustainable and simple adoption of TeX, is to make it 
> a mandatory subject for maths students, from class 8th or 9th onwards. since 
> maths is a subject that bridges arts, commerce, and science, and computing is 
> anyways entering all branches of education, TeX will find no equal in 
> word-processing for maths typesetting.
Very nice idea. Since the technology barrier is not there anymore i.e.
computers are now compulsorilly available, students can do mathematics
on TeX (prob. LaTeX). I would also prefer that they write the code
rather than use some GUI solution. In my experience young students enjoy
the challenge of coding and it'll lead to a much better understanding of
TeX (+ they get to use a Prog. language + a compiler etc. etc).


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