[Tugindia] Good LaTeX for beginner on Windows

S. venkataraman tugindia@tug.org
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 12:06:49 +0530

Look at this link.  It explains how to install miktex, emacs, auctex etc
for windows.
I found it quite useful. I used the instructions to install miktex and
There is also a windows port of Ispell.
 There is no better combination for tex than emacs+auctex.
(I think I am preaching to the converted here!)
If you like you can also go in for texshell which is freeware.  It is
easy to use though it doesn't have as many features as texniccenter. Of 
course you need to download miktex separately.  Take a look at the
site www.miktex.org for some more useful links. In the page
there is a link to list of texshells for windows.  Some are free, some

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> Hi list members,
> I want  to introduce LaTeX  to my friends  who are window  users. As I
> never used LaTeX on window, I have some doubt. Please clarify them.
> 1) If one  uses "TexnicCenter", then does he need  Mike LaTeX port. Or
> user need any one of them.
> 2) Does these are included in TeXLive7, or their equivalent. If not,
> what TeXLive7 offer for window users.
> 3)  Which is  the best  LaTeX  varient for  window user  as per  their
> standard of easeness and friendliness. I heard fpTeX is good.
> Though, I know it is a matter if choice, but still question is what to
> recommend to a beginner.
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