[Tuglist] print the color images to monochrome images

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Fri, 06 Sep 2002 12:03:18 +0200 (CEST)

Radhakrishnan CV schrieb:
> >>>>> "Baskaran" == Baskaran <baskaran@sps.co.in>
> writes:
>     Baskaran> I want to print the color
>     Baskaran> images to monochrome images.
> TeX has nothing to do with the image files that it
> includes in a
> document. It just reads the bounding box information from
> the eps
> files, creates a box of these dimensions, provides a
> pointer to the
> graphic file when we request TeX to include a graphic.
> It is the previewer and printer that take care of
> rendering and
> printing respectively, do the processing of graphic
> images. As such, I
> guess, there is no scope for manipulating the color of
> images within a
> TeX compilation.

Well, the PStricks package does all its work mainly in PostScript and
should, according to your definition, not be available for TeX.

Basically, you should be able to write something like
and get that working.  With images, something connected with the
setcolortransfer command might do the trick.  I can't look this up
right now, not having the PostScript Language Reference Manual
(PLRM.pdf somewhere on the net) available here.

Since the mechanisms involved are readily available in PostScript,
somebody might already have made a LaTeX style for it, after all. 
Check CTAN and the Catalogue, perhaps you are lucky.