[Tuglist] Figures in tex from AutoCAD

tuglist@tug.org.in tuglist@tug.org.in
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 06:11:56 +0530 (IST)

> What  is the  right way  to include  figures in  "tex" file  which are
> prepared in AutoCad. I tried by exporting  to Encapsulated PS ( .eps )
> format. The only problem  is that lines are very  thin. How to improve
> this?

One way of doing it is to edit the eps file. But one should know a little bit of postscript language. There may be lines which start with  /LT0, /LT1 ... by modifying these lines you could change the color, thickness etc. of each line. 

> I wish  I could open exported  file ( in dxf  format ) in xFig,  but I
> could not find  import feature in xFig. In other  softwares like "dia"
> and "Qcad" dxf file could not be opened with perfect results.

If you can export to tgif format (extension obj) you open your file in tgif and all the modifications are juch a click away. (From GNUPLOT you can export to tgif format.) You can modify color, line thickness, conversion of dash lines to solid and adding extra text including symbols, subscript, superscript, rotating text.. You can export your tgif file into many formats. tgif is free for Linux.