[Tuglist] Environment slide in pdfscreen.sty

Radhakrishnan CV tuglist@tug.org.in
12 Jun 2002 18:34:32 +0530

>>>>> "David" == David Kastrup <David.Kastrup@t-online.de> writes:


    David> Sorry, I hope no personal offense was taken.

No problems at all. I just intervened, because people who're not much
familiar with flames in mailing lists might get offended, but I'm sure
seasoned persons like you will seldom.

    David> I tend to a somewhat inflammatory and sometimes
    David> short-tempered answer style

Yes, I've witnessed the same in your posts relating to GPL in the
comp.text.tex. I really enjoyed your posts.

    David> which may be less appropriate than desirable sometimes.
    David> After listening in for a while on TUG-India, I tried
    David> reining myself in somewhat, but just failed this time.

    David> In India, hot spicing of food might be better appreciated
    David> than hot spicing of speech, though I am prone to overdoing
    David> both (eating red chilies without diluting them with other
    David> food).  I hope to be doing more detailed studies during the
    David> TUG2002 conference this fall.

Look forward to seeing you at TUG2002. Looks like we won't have any
problem with TUG2002 although the TUG2002 organising committee have
made an announcement to the international community about making a
decision on TUG2002 only at the end of June owing to the tension
between India and Pakistan and many governments requesting their
citizens not to travel to India.