[Tuglist] pdfscreen.sty

Manoj K N tuglist@tug.org.in
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:24:53 +0530


The preamble of the LaTeX source for a slide that I am preparing is as


I find that the margins are not introduced properly, and the log file
contains the following lines.

Package pdfscreen Info: LLX=0.0pt
(pdfscreen)             LLY=0.0pt
(pdfscreen)             URX=578.15999pt
(pdfscreen)             URY=451.6875pt
(pdfscreen)             panelwidth=0.0pt
(pdfscreen)             overlaywidth=578.15999pt
(pdfscreen)             textwidth=578.15999pt
(pdfscreen)             textheight=451.6875pt
(pdfscreen)             paperwidth=578.15999pt
(pdfscreen)             paperheight=451.6875pt
(pdfscreen)             calfactor=0.0pt
(pdfscreen)             Panel=0 on input line 4.

Should not textwidth be less than paperwidth by 2 inches? That is what I
could glean from reading pdfscreen.sty. What has gone wrong with my code?


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