[Tuglist] TeX Programming

David Kastrup tuglist@tug.org.in
10 Jun 2002 10:35:40 +0200

"Dr. Dinesh Karia" <dineshjk@earth.planet.net.in> writes:

> Dear all,

>     Being an amateur programmer, I am interested in TeX
>     programming. Besides questions on using TeX, may I ask questions
>     on TeX programming to this group? I hope for a positive
>     response. With that anticipation, I start with the following
>     questions!
>   a.. What are the good books on Programming TeX? I own Grätzer,
>   Math into LaTeX and Kopka & Daly, A Guide to LaTeX 2e.

The main reference of course is "The TeXbook" by Donald Knuth.

>   b.. Is there any Manual type material available on Net?

A lot.  Have you taken a look at the UKTUG FAQ?

>   c.. Is there any special role of the character @ in class?

Should be answered there.

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