[Tuglist] Re: Help me in installing TeluguTeX

Duvvuri Venu Gopal tuglist@tug.org.in
1 Jul 2002 03:30:41 -0000

I am trying to install TeluguTeX and facing problems. Can anybody help me? The details are as following :

I downloaded all the files, i.e., tel*.tex, tel*_mf.html and tel*.awk and makefile.txt and other misc. files. After removing the ‘html’ tags from the tel*_mf.html files I renamed them as tel*.mf. Renamed the’makefile.txt’ as ‘makefile’.

I am using a RedHat (PCQ) Linux 7.1 box . I copied all the *.tex files to a directory called ‘TeluguTeX’ under /usr/share/texmf, and copied the *.mf, *.awk and makefile and to-a subdirectory ‘telugu’ in ‘TeluguTeX’ directory. In /usr/share/texmf/TeluguTeX/telugu directory issued the ‘make all’ command as directed in README file. Make worked. (where the *.pk files installed I have to see, some error messages also appeared like ‘could not remove . *. Gf300’ etc..)

Later I tried to ‘Texify’ the document.tex supplied with the files. LaTeX said it could not find the tlsyllable file as referred to in the *.tex file with command ‘\input’. The readme file says - “copy tlsyllable.tex, tlxlate.tex and tlteldigits.tex to a  directory from where TeX can read \input files”. Then I copied the *.tex files to my home directory. Here LaTeX worked but another problem occurred. Now it says it could not read the *.pk files. When I see the *.DVI file only the first page appeared. 

So my questions are –
(1)	where should I copy the *.tex files (? Where are \input files?)
(2)	where should I copy the *.mf files. Is there any specific directory in /usr/share/texmf?

Kindly help me.

D. Venu Gopal

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