[Tugindia] Installing itrans and Devanagari fonts in Linux

S. venkataraman tugindia@tug.org
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 10:11:16 +0530

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> Subject:	[Tugindia] Installing itrans and Devanagari fonts in
> Linux
> Hello,
>   I am looking for some good references that would explain in detail
> the
> process of installing the devanagari fonts and using them with
> latex/pdflatex under Linux. Can anyone give me pointers/references to
> websites or books for the same? I have latex/pdflatex installed with
> SuSE
> 8.0 professional version of linux.
> Thanks
> Ganesh
	You have to do the following:
	1) Copy the the tfm, mf and style files to appropriate
directories.  You can 
	    find out what the appropriate directories are in the file
tds.dvi which explains the 
	    tex directory structure. If you want to use a localtexmf
tree, i.e install these files 
	    in your own user space,  look at question 15(I think ??) of
tetex faq.  It 
	     explains how to create local texmf trees.  Run texhash to
refresh the filename database.
>   Since I use  Redhat linux I am not sure if I can give you the
> details of the location of the
	 FAQ and tds.dvi.  
	2) You may have to compile the source file of the preprocessor,
devnag.c using gcc 
	if no binary is included in the pacakge. After compiling, copy
the executable of the
	 preprocessor to some directory in your path or add the
directory that contains the 
	executable  to your path. This depends on the shell you use.
	The first part is of course the standard procedure for
installing any tex/latex package.
	[S. venkataraman]