[Tugindia] Please help..

David Kastrup tugindia@tug.org
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 09:37:31 +0100

"ICM" <prabirgd@icmam.tn.nic.in> writes:

> Hello
> I am in need of the details/documentation of the following packages :
> -    prepicte.tex
> - pictex.tex
> - postpict.tex
> Any suggestion about where I can get details/documentation of these
> packages.
> I confess! I am not an expert in LaTeX.. just a novice ! Please help.

The documentation for PicTeX is proprietary, and I do not even knkow
whether it is still in print.

I would suggest that you consider using PStricks in case that
PostScript output via Dvips is an option for you.

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