[Tugindia] yap doesnot print with lx300 Printer

S. venkataraman tugindia@tug.org
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 16:27:23 +0530

I do not use dotmatrix printer, but I have a small suggestion.
Set the printer mode in yap to an appropriate epson printer.  Then, try
Best of luck,

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> Subject:	[Tugindia] yap doesnot print with lx300 Printer
> Hi,
> I am using miktex2.1 with windows 98. In my department everybody
> having 
> epson LX-300 printers and they want to print dvi file with the printer
> from yap. From ghostview it is possible to print with same printer.
> But 
> we want to setup it for yap which is dvi viewer.
> I installed  wiondows driver for the printer, but still from 
> yap->view->options->printer there is no option comes for LX-300.
> Can anyone suggest with existing system how one can setup?
> with best regards,
> Manjusha Joshi
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