[Tugindia] First impression of "devnag"

Amitabh Trehan tugindia@tug.org
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 09:09:15 +0530

On Monday 16 Dec 2002 6:45 pm, Sumit Bhardwaj wrote:
> Hi
strongly believe that phonetic based entry is a practical way to get things
> done because since I speak five languages (3 scripts), I am not going to
> get 3 keyboards.

> with sanskrit mode in devnag  and "Hardeep Singh Rai" as "haradIpa siMha
> rAya".

> > typing because it seems un-natural to type Hindi in English. Anyhow, I
> > experimented little with dev and found it is very difficult to produce
> > what you want using preprocessor. Rather it is easier to type directly
> > in tex file and no need to use pre-processor.

I agree with Sumit. We have used devnag extensively for 2 years now, and 
picking up the keyboard does not take more than maybe a day. The thing is, at 
least, the preprocessor based devnag keyboard is based on a good 
transliteration scheme, which respects the script construction as much as 
possible, therefore, if you know your stuff a bit like Sandhi, you can easily 
get on without the keybooard layout chart , after maybe a few sentences of 
 Rai, This maybe due to your major involvement with using TeX for maths!!! and 
at the lower level..