[Tuglist] A suggestion.

Radhakrishnan CV tuglist@tug.org.in
23 Aug 2002 11:37:46 +0530

>>>>> "SV" == S venkataraman <svenkat@ignou.ac.in> writes:

    SV> Hi, I have a small suggestion to make.  Now that TUG
    SV> conference is being held in India for the first time, how
    SV> about a small article about Tex, Knuth and the theme of the
    SV> conference in one of the computer magazines? This may help in
    SV> popularising Tex. Earlier, I had suggested that one of the
    SV> computer magazines could be requested give
    SV> tex+emacs+ghostview+Auctex in a CD-ROM.  May be we can combine
    SV> this with a write up on Tex also on the occasion of the first
    SV> TUG being held in India.  Unfortunately, I have no contacts
    SV> through whom I can carry out this idea! I can only offer this
    SV> as a suggestion.

Good suggestion. I am copying this mail to KG Kumar for necessary

KG: How about writing an article on TeX and friends and requesting
PCQuest or similar ones to carry it? We can provide them a TeXLive 7
CD for them to duplicate and supply with the issue. TeXLive 7 is a
ready to run TeX setup for GNU/Linux, Win32 and Mac OS X in a single
CD and its licence permits anyone to duplicate and redistribute.