[Tuglist] Installing `MathTime' fonts

P.N. Deepak tuglist@gnu.org.in
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 08:59:16 +0530

Dear Sri Radhakrishnan,

I removed the references to txr, txr1 and txr2 map files in pdftex.cfg and the warnings
have now disappeared.  Thank you for the advice.

With regards

Yours sincerely,

8/21/01 1:16:44 AM, Radhakrishnan CV <cvr@river-valley.com> wrote:

>On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 at 23:56, P.N. Deepak wrote:
>   I installed txfonts (for MikTeX v2.1) following the
>   instructions given in the documentation.  Though the ps and
>   pdf files were generated successfully, gsview (ver. 4) didn't
>   display anything on the screen and acrobat reader (ver. 4)
>   said, "There was an error opening this document .  The file
>   does not exist" [YAP(ver. 0.98n), the dvi previewer for
>   MikTeX, displayed it correctly].  I could view them with the
>   respective viewers only after copying *.pfb files of adobe and
>   Ghostscript (ver. 6.5) to the type1 fonts directory of TeX (I
>txfonts uses ghostscript fonts for Times, Helvetica and some others
>as well. So all the corresponding *.pfb files should be made
>accessible to dvips and friends.
>I remember, the documentation mentions this at some point.
>   Also I am now getting these annoying warnings like :
>   {psfonts.map}{txr.map Warning: PDFLATEX (file txr.map): entry
>   for `rtxptmb' already exists, duplicate s ignored ...
>   written all over the log file.  How should I fix it ? Kindly
>   advice.
>It is due to the fact that the txr.map is read twice.
>You seem to have copied the entire txr.map into the psfonts.map and
>again have the txr.map entered in the pdftex.cfg. PdfTeX reads the
>psfonts.map by default and also all the maps specified in the
>pdftex.cfg. You need not have txr entries twice.
>My config.ps shows an entry for txr.map and my pdftex.cfg has an
>entry for txr2.map and it works fine for me with dvips and pdfTeX as
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