[Tuglist] Installing `MathTime' fonts

Radhakrishnan CV tuglist@mail.gnu.org.in
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 01:16:44 +0530 (IST)

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 at 23:56, P.N. Deepak wrote:

   I installed txfonts (for MikTeX v2.1) following the
   instructions given in the documentation.  Though the ps and
   pdf files were generated successfully, gsview (ver. 4) didn't
   display anything on the screen and acrobat reader (ver. 4)
   said, "There was an error opening this document .  The file
   does not exist" [YAP(ver. 0.98n), the dvi previewer for
   MikTeX, displayed it correctly].  I could view them with the
   respective viewers only after copying *.pfb files of adobe and
   Ghostscript (ver. 6.5) to the type1 fonts directory of TeX (I

txfonts uses ghostscript fonts for Times, Helvetica and some others
as well. So all the corresponding *.pfb files should be made
accessible to dvips and friends.

I remember, the documentation mentions this at some point.

   Also I am now getting these annoying warnings like :

   {psfonts.map}{txr.map Warning: PDFLATEX (file txr.map): entry
   for `rtxptmb' already exists, duplicate s ignored ...

   written all over the log file.  How should I fix it ? Kindly

It is due to the fact that the txr.map is read twice.

You seem to have copied the entire txr.map into the psfonts.map and
again have the txr.map entered in the pdftex.cfg. PdfTeX reads the
psfonts.map by default and also all the maps specified in the
pdftex.cfg. You need not have txr entries twice.

My config.ps shows an entry for txr.map and my pdftex.cfg has an
entry for txr2.map and it works fine for me with dvips and pdfTeX as