[tlbuild] wget in TL now needs https

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Apr 21 23:15:48 CEST 2021

As of now, the CTAN mirror list contains only https mirrors, not http.
This was necessary in order to cater to (broken/stupid) Chrome behavior.

Therefore our wget binaries provided in TL now need to support https to
be useful. I know that several (all?) do not, because https is such a
mess to compile, and induces so many shared lib dependencies.
Nevertheless, we have no choice.

I don't know if it's practical to compile wget statically, but of course
that would be ideal. Otherwise, it's ok to compile it with shared libs
for whatever OS version makes the most sense. A system-provided binary is
preferred (by default) in any case.

If wget cannot be feasibly compiled with ssl support at all on a given
platform, we should just remove it from TL, since it won't be useful.
Let me know.

I tweaked the sample configuration invocation at
to remove the --without-ssl, since that's clearly not what we want any
more, but I'm sure more options are needed in practice. Let me know.

I wonder if curl would make ssl support any easier. I kind of doubt it,
but I guess we could go that way if it's useful.

Sorry, but such is life nowadays. --thanks, karl.

Here is the list of wget binaries currently provided:

wget.amd64-freebsd wget.i386-freebsd
wget.amd64-netbsd  wget.i386-netbsd
wget.i386-solaris  wget.x86_64-solaris

I have no good way to know which ones support https, so please
test/report as needed. Just running wget https://tug.org -O /dev/null
or some such should suffice to check.

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