[tlbuild] kpathsea r53235: web2cdir isn't created at install time any longer?

balducci at units.it balducci at units.it
Thu Dec 26 19:04:35 CET 2019

hi there

thank you very much for the quick reply

> It's fine, although tex-k at tug.org is probably the best place for
> problems not specifically about the native TL build.

I hope I will remember next time...

> I think I fixed that in r53238.

thanks a lot!

> Unrelated to creating that directory, if you want the mktex* scripts to
> actually work, you'll now need to copy the mktex* files from
> Master/texmf-dist/web2c/mktex* to your texmf-dist/web2c/ directory.
> The result of make install in TL has never been a usable TeX system (no
> macros, fonts, etc.), so presumably you have some method of copying the
> needed files from Master/ to your tree, and web2c/mktex* should be added
> to that.

mmmh: after kpathsea install I can see 


in /usr/bin and everything works as expected (since a very long time,
many years); perhaps I have not clarified my environment: I actually
upgrade the giant TL distribution once a year and maintain separately
kpathsea (and web2c, xdvik and a few others); maybe this is the reason
why everything works nicely...don't know, but as long as everything
works perfectly I don't worry.

> Thanks, but as you probably know, Makefile.am is the source, not
> Makefile.in 

yes, I know that (although I'm not fluent in autotools). The diff was
just to better explain things (I tweaked Makefile.in since it is already
there when I download kptahsea from svn).

so thank you very much again


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