[tlbuild] Biber binaries: ARM

Johannes Hielscher jhielscher at posteo.de
Mon Mar 21 23:46:47 CET 2016


unfortunately, biber ``binaries'' seem to restrict to x86oid
architectures (Let us omit the praises on the portability of
scripting languages). I appreciate the easy installation from TL
out-of-the-box in the x86 world. But I see an asymmetry when it comes
to other CPUs, and I'd like to have this commodity also on my ARM boxes.

Do I get it right (cf Ken Brown's Cygwin builds
 http://tug.org/pipermail/tlbuild/2015q3/003259.html ) that the
canonical way of including new biber binaries into TL is via making the
respective PAR.pm package available upstream?

I've already put a bit of effort (with mixed results) into building a
biber standalone binary for Linux-armv7h (aka armhf), and would do some
testing on Perl/CPAN-naïve armv7h systems. Biber/BibLaTeX is just too
contemporary to be missed on ARM, I think.

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