[tlbuild] Gregorio test failures

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Jan 23 01:47:33 CET 2016

    gnulib is just a collection of individual source files one can use in

That was the original idea behind gnulib, but unfortunately it has not
been the case for many years (for the substantive C functions; the
simple single files like texinfo.tex and config.guess are separable,
naturally).  It was "improved" by various people so that nearly
everything in it has multiple low-level dependencies via the gnulib
module concept, with both autoconf and code implications, so that one
ends up having to import a ton of stuff, with plenty of possible side
effects and complications, to use anything.  It does a good job at what
it's (now) intended to do, but dropping in individual function
replacements is not what that is.

(And, BTW, I'd say the same thing about libc, which is where I started
looking for replacement functions, pre-gnulib, but again, so many
dependencies and so much cleverness in the implementation made it
impractical.  So it goes.)


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