[tlbuild] xindy not working?

Apostolos Syropoulos asyropoulos at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 20:52:01 CET 2015


I have two versions of xindy on my system. The first one is

$ /opt/gnu/xindy/bin/xindy --version
xindy release: unknown
xindy script version: 1.08
xindy kernel version: 2.3
xindy run time engine: i386-solaris2.11, version 2.2
CLISP version 2.43 (2007-11-18) (built on nadya [])
    architecture: I86PC

and the second

xindy --version
xindy release: 2.5.1
xindy script version: 1.18
xindy kernel version: 3.0
CLISP version 2.48 (2009-07-28) (built 3478792388) (memory 3640346152)
    architecture: I86PC

I have a Greek .dix file and when I invoke the old xindy with the
following command

/opt/gnu/xindy/bin/xindy -L greek-polytonic -C utf8 -M texindy -M page-ranges -M
 subject -I latex INDEX.idx

xindy produces an index (I have defined file subject.xdy) Now when I
give the same
command with the new xindy I get the following error message:

Cannot locate xindy module for language greek in codepage utf8.

I can live with the old version but the new version should also work...


Apostolos Syropoulos
Xanthi, GREECE

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